Frequently Asked Questions

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Depends on your space. GLR will perform an on-site (or virtual) evaluation before recommending the number of antennas to cover the needed range. 

We analyze their current process to make it as seamless as possible. The major advange to SCANopy, minimal to zero user adoption. 

We provide on-site visit analysis to determine the ideal method to tag the parts you want to track.

Presently our system is standalone, the simplicity of our custom dashboard is a huge benefit to the cost training. 

Yes, unlimited users can access the dashboard. Users must posses a Power BI Pro License from their organization. 

Tags need to be read by the antenna in the agreed stocking location. Once that is determined, the rest is on us. 

There is no program needed; a simple web link provides you access. 

Yes, SCANopy only reads tags commissioned by GLR. However, we can transition parts to GLR and into SCANopy while maintaining your current vendors and review prices. 

Outside the installation cost and monthly fee, no. 

SCANopy is a stand-alone solution, which makes it simple & reliable. Only an internet connection is required. 

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